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For those people who want to get in on the action and take action to reduce their fat, lose weight and get in shape, the only thing that will make them happier, stronger, and healthier is to stop being fat. That is why we need to get the message out to the public. You don't have to be fat, or even overweight to be a fat, and fat is not the same thing as unhealthy. The only thing that is unhealthy is being skinny. If you do what you need to do, be confident about it and not worry too much about it. Then you will feel better about yourself. And when you do that, you will never be fat again. When you do this, you will feel so much better and your body will be stronger, healthier and healthier for a long time.

This article is a guest post written by Dr. Andrew Weil.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

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