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Diet and nutrition are a major reason why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. When they try to detox they don't take care of themselves, which leads to dehydration, loss of strength, and headaches. I don't have a cure for this, but I can give you advice based on my research and experiences. Diet is probably one of the biggest causes of addiction. The body doesn't get enough nutrients from the foods we eat, and it's the result of excessive and unbalanced amounts of sugar, salt, fat and caffeine. This causes a lot of weight gain, which triggers the craving for more drugs, alcohol and food. If you are serious about detoxifying you need to cut down on sugar and salt. But if you are using the detoxification products on your own, don't go overboard and add more sugar and salt. If you have some left over, keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator and some food in the pantry to get yourself through the day. I always suggest taking only 4-5 hours of clean eating, even if you have a large family. It's a good idea to have an empty refrigerator, as some people can experience diarrhea if they eat too much food at once. Also, don't eat until you are really tired.

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Digest It

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When it comes to detoxification, Digest It often associated with this topic - why is that? If you b...